Vision and strategy

The purpose of the Doctoral College, our vision, strategic objectives and our commitment to the improvement of postgraduate research cultures

The University of Edinburgh Doctoral College was founded in January 2020 to support all postgraduate researchers and supervisors across the University.

Our vision

The Doctoral College will continue to build on our culture of collaboration, innovation and networking to further establish the University of Edinburgh at the forefront of postgraduate research across the World

Our mission

As the Doctoral College, we work collaboratively to foster and develop postgraduate research.  We do this by engaging positively with our postgraduate researchers, by facilitating innovation in training, and by raising the profile of postgraduate research across the University and externally.

Our Strategic Objectives

The Doctoral College aims to:

  • Promote and facilitate the exchange of expertise to support and improve the postgraduate student experience
  • Raise the profile of postgraduate research across the University
  • Coordinate support for postgraduate researchers and supervisors across the institution
  • Lead on national and international debates and initiatives in doctoral education

Postgraduate Research Cultures Plan

The University is committed to fostering an environment in which research, researchers, and those that enable research, can thrive. 

The Postgraduate Research Culture plan was developed in 2024 by the Doctoral College and complements the wider University Research Cultures Action Plan. Specifically, the plan: 

  • describes the main challenges and issues, summarises ongoing work, addresses specific deliverables and and identifies areas for future development; 
  • clarifies the time frame for delivery of actions;
  • establishes which parts of the organisation are responsible for delivery.

Please see the full Postgraduate Research Cultures plan in the document below.



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